Friday, April 30, 2010

Cars increase in embedded technology, biogas, and more wind

It's Friday, and Science Friday on NPR was great today.

This story on the increasing complexity of technology - namely embedded technology - in autos is raising the complexity of testing components. But auto manufacturers are mainly acting as system integrators so they are not necessarily privy to the code contained within the components they are buying, and thus have little to say about what code could be contributing to any malfunctions.

The BioFuel Roundup covered all the technologies from cellulose conversion (think switch grass) and using algae to make fuels. The guests were very attuned to the business aspects - cost per gallon and all - but what was interesting was the part on the theoretical maximum amount of energy that an be wrung out of any technology based ont he amount of sunlight hitting the earth.

And from a PR perspective, the Cape Wind Project was approved to move forward. It's a wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts. The good stuff in this segment is many of the opposing forces and groups called in to get their opinion across. They were solid comments and points of view. The CEO of Cape Wind kept the conversation civil. He was taking the position of, "We won approval. It's moving forward. Thanks for your input."

All three worth a listen on your iPhone, iPad, iPod iEtc...