Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cloud Computing goes governmental

A lot of things in tech get out ahead of themselves. Cloud computing is one of them. And the PC folks have an advantage. Back in 1995 or so I worked at KLA. Our desktop PCs all shared apps on the server - no local apps running. I thought it was brilliant. Stored all my docs there too in case my computer blew up. I know it's not quite cloud computing, but the concept was there. Your files and apps are safer on the server.

I butted heads about this with many an IT guy. A group of us in account services had to update a part of a large document every week. We kept it on the server. But we had to pull it down, make our updates, and repost it to the server when done. Oh the drama if two people did that at the same time. And the Word of the day would crap out on you if you tried to open it from the network. We were itching for the cloud. We just didn't know what to call it.

And I think this is still an issue. People don't get it. And they are afraid of what they don't get. It's coming around with online taxes, banking, and now Google and Microsoft's Windows Live.

I've read the stories about copies of databases being brought home on laptops and lost. I've seen colleagues almost cry when all their email was locked inside a dead Mac. I believe in bus-proofing my desk, including my computer. And cloud computing is key to making this real.
Google Introduces Government-Approved Secure "Apps for Government" Suite | Fast Company
Via: Fast Company